Painted Pages

I hate plain white pages.  They are boring.  They are intimidating.  They make my mind go blank.  I like to paint my own papers to put in journals.  One way of doing this is laying a bunch of paper all over the table and aimlessly flailing paint around like a mad woman and seeing what happens.  This can be both fun and cathartic.  However, very messy.   Above there are pictures of my second method of painting papers.  It is easy, fun, cheap and quick to clean up.  All you need is paper, a spray bottle with water, an acrylic block and washable (or any water soluble) markers.  Crayola Markers (or the cheap off brand) work wonders.  The technique is simple.  Scribble on the acrylic block with the marker, spray with water (this creates a kind of watercolor like “paint”) and “stamp” onto the paper.  Different papers absorb the color differently.  More or less water will create different patterns and looks on the paper as well.  Experiment.  Have Fun.  Mix colors.  It is like being a kid again.


Here is a quick video I did showing this technique.




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